Causes of broken dentures in Winnipeg

broken dentures

Broken Dentures 101

Broken dentures in Winnipeg are a serious concern. They cause people to have problems with speaking and eating normally. If your cosmetic dentures are broken in half, you should consult your cosmetic dentist immediately. He/she will be more than happy to help solve your problem. With that said, below is some additional information that will guide you on what to do when faced with a broken cosmetic denture.

Replacement options

Whether your cosmetic denture can be repaired or not fully depends on the cause of the breakage and the type, as well. For some cases, the repair may be done in the clinic during your visit, But in others, you might have to wait until the denture gets back from the dental lab. If the latter is your case, your dentist will detail the options available to you.

If your dentures do not fit properly anymore, your dentist might recommend a reline of your dentures. If the dentures are old and worn out, your dentist might recommend new dentures that fit better.

And since bone loss is prevalent in individuals with cosmetic dentures, dental implants complete with over-dentures are recommended. These help to slow down the bone loss process and fix the denture to your dental implants. The over-dentures are usually custom made and as such, fit better and will provide you with added confidence as you go about your daily activities, such as drinking, speaking and eating.

Is there anything like an emergency broken denture repair?

Cosmetic dentists in Winnipeg understand that there is never an okay time for dentures to break. It is always a bad time. For this reason, they know how important it is to get your dentures fixed fast. Most cosmetic dentists handle these situations like the emergencies they are and present you with solutions immediately.

How much does a broken denture cost?

This is not one of those clear-cut questions with direct answers. The cost of repairing broken dentures in Winnipeg varies. Every break is unique and needs special attention. It is best to consult your cosmetic dentist to discuss the treatment plan and possible repairs.

Common causes of broken dentures

There are numerous reasons why dentures break. At the very top of the list of reasons is wear and tear. After years of use, it is expected that dentures will wear down. The wearing down weakens them and makes them vulnerable to breakage. In addition to this, temperature variations found in cold and hot drinks and foods, acids in foods and moisture in the mouth can also wear down your dentures.

Additionally, progressive bone loss can also cause dentures to loosen. If the denture does not fit properly, it may move around, causing stress on the pressure points which leads to the cracking or breaking of the denture.

Last but not least, another common cause of broken dentures is accidental breakage. You should always remove your temporary dentures at night. During the process of removing your dentures, there is a chance you may accidentally drop it, causing a fracture or breakage.


If you know what you are doing, you can always perform some quick home fixes following a breakage. However, this should not be taken to be a replacement for professional repair and replacement. Always get a professional to repair your denture.

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