Getting ‘Celebrity-Perfect’ Teeth – Full Vs. Partial Dentures in Winnipeg

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Ever wondered how all Hollywood celebrities have perfect sets of teeth? What do they know that we don’t? Is it that they are gurus at dental care? Or were they just born with perfection? It’s definitely not the latter. After all, leaders, and in this case celebrities, are made, not born.

Here is the thing: celebrities have discovered the subtle art of cosmetic dentistry. They have regular dental appointments to maintain their set of gleaming teeth. The good news is these dental appointments and cosmetic dentures in Winnipeg are available to all. Yes, you can get your partial dentures in Winnipeg without robbing a bank. With modern dental technology, loss of teeth doesn’t have to cripple your eating habits or interfere with your confidence and social life. Book an appointment with your denturist for full or partial denture installation. But before that, it’s important to differentiate between full and partial dentures.

So let’s sink our teeth deep into it.

The Difference Between Full and Partial Dentures

It’s simple. Partial dentures are used to fill gaps left by missing teeth. They are designed to fit into the spaces like puzzle pieces. Surprisingly enough, the partial dentures are quite strong. Sure, they cannot withstand being stepped on. But, they are strong enough to contain chewing pressure. The false teeth are attached to a pink, plastic base that is anchored to the remaining teeth by tiny metallic clasps.

On the other hand, full dentures are designed for individuals lacking natural teeth. The dentures rest on the gum and are held in place by suction force between the gum and the dentures. However, some denturists prefer using denture adhesive to prevent slippage and moving when eating. Ultimately, it improves confidence and gives the feeling of having natural teeth.

Denture Adhesives are also Great with Partial Dentures

Think of it this way: you can never get too much stability and anchorage with dentures. In fact, you need all the help you can get. As such, denture adhesives can be used with partial dentures. Moreover, the adhesives prevent food particles from slipping under the dentures. Not sold on it yet? Well, consider this, too. Experts admit that the use of partial dentures in Winnipeg exerts undue stress on the remaining teeth when they are not anchored properly. When the pressure is too strong and too frequent, natural teeth can grow weak and start moving. Needless to say, this increases the risk of losing the remaining teeth. Denture adhesives reduce the pressure and stress exerted on the natural teeth by redistributing the pressure. Therefore, the natural teeth remain stronger for longer.

So, there you have it. Open yourself to a world of possibilities. Live like a celebrity but with more control over your private life. As you entertain the idea of getting cosmetic dentures in Winnipeg, choose a professional cosmetic denturist to get the work done. Remember, the dental solution is only as effective as its implementation. Plus, with the substantial investment you will make, you cannot afford not to.

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